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Stay out of fights over what . . .


Stay out of fights over what you’re going to do when.   My wife and I have tried a variety of ways to be on the same page with regard to our ‘events’,  from little things like ‘check the water softener salt level’ to more important things like, ‘we’re going to spend the afternoon visiting with an out of town guest who we haven’t seen in 12 years.”   

We’ve tried notes on the fridge, on the table, on bathroom mirror, on the car windshield, a calendar on wall, etc etc etc.. Here’s one that just might work since it’ll be available to either one of us anytime during the day.  Watch this video and see if it might work for you too.  Share it with your group, your friends, your work buddies, whoever you need to stay in touch with about when things are happening.  Now all I need to do is make a note to remember to talk to my wife about this.  

Create and share a Google Calendar


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