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In the past I’ve enjoyed CNET, and I still visit their site from time to time.  However earlier this year a few things started changing in their ‘Download” software section.  Here’s a post from TechForum that sums up some of the difficulties.

“Cnet are ridiculous for what they have done , some of their installers have FIVE apps they try to force onto you and they do it sneakily.. you can opt out of all of them but they start to do things like remove the check box and have ACCEPT or DECLINE which makes you think if you DECLINE it wont install the program your actually trying to install…BUT IT DOES!! it just declines the freebie – they also do it by greying out checkboxes so you cant uncheck them until you uncheck the agreement at bottom, which again makes some people think they wont get the  program they are wanting to install…but you do, just uncheck agreement and then uncheck all the toolbar/programs/homepage changes etc and click continue”

Here’s a link to the page where this was posted.


Normally I like CNET….. but it seems to be morphing into something else. . . .  but what?


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