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Snapshot: Online Image Theft

Here’s some theft info from Website Magazine.  Click on picture for full story.

butt eye



Protection from Software Publishers Ripping You Off

Do you ever wonder why software licenses are so complicated, and what you can do about them?

Beyond simply waiting for the software industry to clean up their act, there are a few ways that customers can better protect themselves when purchasing software. For example, never trust the spoken word of your software sales representative. Some will say anything simply to “lock in” a deal. That includes lying about how you’re allowed to use their software. Unfortunately, this means you’re going to have to read the fine print. Even better, have an attorney that specializes in IT and licensing matters review the license for you. They can then explain the agreement in a way you can better understand.

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Who will drive serious Linux innovation?

Getting at the heart, or kernel, of the Linux 
matter.   Is Microsoft “the only [company] 
doing serious innovating with Linux?” That’s 
Jessie Frazelle’s contention. Frazelle, who 
rose to prominence in the developer community 
with Docker and later Google Cloud, 
made the bold claim to justify her 
departure to Microsoft. On its face it 
seems silly, an over-exuberant claim to 
justify a career move.

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 changes . . .

Microsoft plans to change the nomenclature of its Windows 10 release model in September 2017, dropping terms it’s used since the operating system’s debut and substituting names that sync with Office 365.

In an online Q&A on “Windows as a service” — the company’s concept of an ever-evolving, ever-updating OS — Michael Niehaus, a director of product marketing on the Windows 10 team, talked about the new terminology.

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FAQ: Are you in danger: WannaCry ransomware?

WannaCry took down wide swaths of the internet over the weekend, then disappeared. Here’s what you need to know, without the hype.  

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So I don’t need to worry about it right now?

Wrong. Very wrong. This is one of those rare times when the Windows sky is falling. We already have reports from Matt Suiche of a new WannaCry variant that’s been sinkholed with 10,000 infections logged. The clones are coming, and many of them won’t be easy to stop. You have to get your Windows PC patched now.

Microsoft rushes emergency fix for critical antivirus bug

Microsoft’s security team fixed a type confusion flaw in its malware engine that affects practically all of its security products.  The point of antivirus is to keep malware off the system. A particularly nasty software flaw in Microsoft’s antivirus engine could do the exact opposite and let attackers install malware on vulnerable systems. Click on the picture to get the full scoop.

Microsoft reveals what data Windows 10 collects from you.


Microsoft finally caved to the pressure to be more transparent and revealed the type of diagnostic data it collects.  Click on the picture for the details.