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Android gotchas: Fast fixes for 6 common problems


Check out these fixes or save this story for a rainy day. With these troubleshooting tips in hand, you’ll be swatting away problems and getting back to business in no time—no aspirin required.



How Android and iOS devices are REALLY hacked.

 Amid all the fear and hype generated over the past few days as a result of Wikileaks and its precipitous Vault 7 dump, one fact was crystal clear: People have no idea what hacking an Android smartphone or an iPhone means or what it entails.

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Android App Arena


Android App Arena

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Android – Watch This



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All About Android delivers everything you want to know about Android each week–the biggest news, freshest hardware, best apps and geekiest how-tos–with Android enthusiasts Jason Howell, Florence Ion, Ron Richards, and a variety of special guests along the way.

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Battery-Saving Techniques


So, the first day I started this project, I stopped charging until my phone absolutely needed it. And I quickly learned that I was doing it all wrong. My first day I barely got through 8 hours before I was in single digits. At the time I didn’t think that was so terrible — especially since I hadn’t actually been trying to conserve battery life. But as I dug into the various settings, I realized that conserving battery isn’t just about turning things off and on. It’s also about being aware of how I — and my apps — were using my phone.

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VIKING …… oh oh

viking danger

New Android malware poses as popular game, but enlists phones into botnet

The malware has evaded Google Play’s malware scans for weeks.

At least five instances of the app have so far been able to evade Google Play’s malware scans for almost a month, since it was first submitted to the app store.

When the user installs the app, it will automatically join a botnet — a network of devices controlled by an attacker — which disguise ad clicks to generate money


Marshmallow Security

How to find your patch level.

The Security Patch Level can only be found on devices running Android Marshmallow.

The good news for Android Marshmallow (6.0) users is that the release includes very important improvements that go a long way to protect your device. One addition allows you to quickly find out the security patch level on your smartphone or tablet.  It all started with the Stagefright vulnerability. Once the dust settled from that disaster, Google (and Samsung) made a promise to start rolling out monthly security updates. To that end, they decided to include a field in the device settings that would list for users to see when the last security patch was applied to the operating system.

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