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Microsoft’s Windows 10 changes . . .

Microsoft plans to change the nomenclature of its Windows 10 release model in September 2017, dropping terms it’s used since the operating system’s debut and substituting names that sync with Office 365.

In an online Q&A on “Windows as a service” — the company’s concept of an ever-evolving, ever-updating OS — Michael Niehaus, a director of product marketing on the Windows 10 team, talked about the new terminology.

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Microsoft reveals what data Windows 10 collects from you.


Microsoft finally caved to the pressure to be more transparent and revealed the type of diagnostic data it collects.  Click on the picture for the details.

Disable advertising in Windows 10 File Explorer


Most of us have become resigned to Windows 10 serving up ads in many nooks and crannies. Now it seems Microsoft’s latest ad platform is File Explorer.

That venerable center of most Windows users’ navigation can, on occasion, show an ad.  

Fortunately, it’s easy to tell File Explorer to stop nagging you.  Click on picture of the  “off” switch to find out how.

Not sold on Windows 10? How to hang on to Windows 7 for the long run.


Your reasons for staying with Win7 may range from mere convenience to mental inertia to an abject fear of the Win10 info borg. Whatever your reasons for remaining with Win7, there are steps you can take right now to ensure Win7 keeps working.

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New Rules: Activating Win 10

new rules - activating Win 10

Microsoft is revamping how it checks if Windows is genuine. Here’s how these changes could make your life easier when setting up Windows 10.

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Windows 7, 8, and 10: Collecting user data for Microsoft


Uncomfortable with Windows 10 slurping personal data? Too bad — Microsoft rolls out similar snooping capabilities to Windows 7, Windows 8.

Microsoft has been pushing out updates to get Windows 7 and Windows 8 users “ready” for Windows 10, but a handful of recent updates appear to be more focused on data collection and less on features or user experience.

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