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Listed here are several training courses on Powerpoint.  starting simple and then providing a few tips n’ tricks for your presentations. 

All of this information can be found at Microsoft Office training pages.  I’ll linked to the individual Powerpoint class for ease of access from here.

Make the switch to PowerPoint 2010

Training If you’re upgrading from an earlier version of PowerPoint, particularly from PowerPoint 2003 or before, this course is for you. Get familiar with changes…

Create your first PowerPoint 2010 presentation

Training Learn to create a PowerPoint 2010 presentation and prepare to share it and deliver your message to an audience.

Getting started with PowerPoint 2010

Article If you know PowerPoint 2007, used an earlier version of PowerPoint, or have never used PowerPoint before, explore these resources to begin learning how…

Office 2010 Security: Protecting your files

Training In Microsoft Office 2010, when files open, Message Bars can alert you to useful information and potential problems with your files. Security Message Bars…

Download Office 2010 training

Article Get free, downloadable versions of many Office 2010 training courses. They’re in PowerPoint 2010 format, so you can customize them for group training or…

Put your photos into PowerPoint

Training Put photos into PowerPoint 2010. Insert one, or make a photo album. Plus learn how to size, crop, rotate, and apply effects to photos.

Insert video into your presentation

Training Insert video into PowerPoint 2010. Learn how to link video, embed video, and set playback options.

Broadcast a presentation

Training Learn how to broadcast a presentation using PowerPoint 2010. Find out what’s required, how to broadcast internally and publicly, and what problems that can occur.

PowerPoint 2010 tips and tricks

Training You’ve created tons of PowerPoint presentations. But perhaps you need some shortcuts to help you work faster, and more effectively. This short course will…

Charts and diagrams I: SmartArt graphics

Training There are a couple of options to take when inserting charts and diagrams into your presentations. This course will help you decide which option to choose…

Charts and diagrams II: Data charts

Training Learn how to visualize data by inserting charts in PowerPoint 2010. Learn the fundamental components of a chart, and learn how to work with pie charts,…

PowerPoint 2010 keyboard shortcuts

Training Learn how to do things more quickly, using your keyboard in PowerPoint 2010.

Animations and transitions

Training Add animations and transitions using PowerPoint 2010. Animate slides, text, bullets, pictures, charts, and shapes. Learn how to add animations to all slides…

Going further with animations

Training Control animation timing, animation speed, and animation duration in PowerPoint 2010. Add animation delays, change the animation order, and even add a sound…


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