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“To sell or not to sell”

Introduction to craigslist, eBay, etsy and more.

When it comes to reduce, reuse, and recycle… one key to help make it pay you is to sell it on line.

World has become a global village just due to world’s most beautiful invention that is not other than internet. You can access everything in any place in the whole world thanks to high speed internet. Online business is increasing rapidly now a day. People sale and purchase every kind of commodities on internet. There are different online shops like Etsy, Craigslist, EBay and Amazon, which provide online sale and purchase facility. Now look at the difference between them.
EBay EBay is an American consumer-to-consumer online company, which provides a large variety of goods and services. It manages eBay.com to facilitate its customers for worldwide online sales and businesses. Etsy Etsy is a web-based online sales and purchase service provider. Etsy deals in handmade handy-crafts and art products including art, photography, jewelry, clothing etc. Amazon It is an American electronics commerce online company. The name Amazon is on the Amazon River’s name. It deals in wide range of electronics goods like DVDs, CDs, MP3, video games, toys, eBooks etc. Craigslist It is a centralized network of online communities, which features free advertisement with a section of jobs, online sales, purchase, services, housing etc.
Craigslist vs EBay Vs Etsy vs Amazon
The difference between eBay, Etsy and Amazon is that, eBay is an online service provider of sale and purchase of all types of goods, while Etsy is an online service provider of only handmade handy-crafts and deals in at least 20 years old things. It only deals in jewelry, clothing, photography, art products. In eBay, there is no limitation of type of goods. Craigslist is a worldwide online advertisement company.
Photo help for selling stuff on-line
Things to do
Use diffuse natural or artificial lighting to light the entire item thoroughly, without shadows or harsh reflections.Try to use a background that contrasts with the item. Ideally, you should use a plain, white backdrop to make your item stand out. For items that are white, it’s OK to use a neutral-colored backdrop to provide some contrast.If you can’t use a plain backdrop, you should at least avoid background clutter that can distract buyers or confuse them about what you’re selling.Photograph items at close range and at an angle that provides some noticeable depth.Photos should be big enough to show details clearly and fill the whole frame when appropriate.Take multiple pictures of your item so buyers can see as much detail as possible. For example, take pictures of labels, original packaging, and accessories.Show scale. For example, you can place a coin or a ruler next to the item to show its size.
If the item has any flaws, stains, wear and tear, or any other damage, take pictures of those details so buyers know exactly what to expect.
Consider using a tripod to produce sharper pictures using indoor lighting without flash.
Set the camera to a medium or higher resolution (for example 1024×768 pixels or larger) to produce good quality photos. This allows you to show bigger pictures in your listing and provides better support for photo editing, if needed, before you upload the photos to eBay.
Things not to do
Don’t copy pictures from another seller, website, retailer, manufacturer, or anyone else without their permission.
If your item is reflective (for example, glass on a framed artwork, or it has a mirror), don’t use the flash on your camera.
In general, avoid using your camera’s flash, or at least use it only to supplement other significant light sources. (Review your camera’s user’s manual to find out how to turn off the flash.)   http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/photo_tutorial.html
You can use your blog to direct customers to you sales sites, and give them incentives along the way. http://collagecontessa.blogspot.com/2008/06/etsy-ebay-craigslist-oh-my-coupon-too.html
Use Flicker for your pictures to sell stuff at various sites.  That way you don’t have to upload the same photos to all the different sites.  You just link the to the photos that you have at Flicker. http://www.flickr.com/photos/poetical/sets/72157618452818646/
Attention Online Sellers: How to Avoid Tax Trouble

Here’s three videos, one on each of the three subjects.

How to Sell Your First Item on eBayhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-L5peLCHLI
How to post an ad on Craigslist.org: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQi1FK927yk 
Etsy Selling – How to sell online with Etsy:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXORi4IitGg&feature=related

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